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Campus beautification important to 10-year vision

Feb. 23, 2001

In planning its 10-year vision, Baylor administrators should make campus beautification one of its priorities.

While certain areas of campus, particularly around Pat Neff Hall and the Burleson Quadrangle, are landscaped nicely and are attractive, much of Baylor's campus consists of nothing more than unsightly concrete and weeds. Having grounds that are more pleasing to the eye could increase the overall morale of the student body by making them more proud of their school. But a campus that is aesthetically pleasing would also help in recruitment as well.

One area that needs attention is Waco Creek, which runs through campus and the marina. More of an effort should be made to keep the creek and marina free of trash. And the marina building should be remodeled and the area around it landscaped. This is a very visible part of campus, especially for out-of-town visitors coming here, so making this area of campus more visually appealing is a necessity.

Another highly visible area that needs attention is the median on Dutton Avenue in front of Russell Dormitory. Currently, the median is nothing more than unsightly cement. It should be landscaped and made more appealing as well. The closed portion of Fifth Street that runs through campus should be be given the same attention also and made more attractive.

The parts of campus that are nothing more than weeds and dirt should be planted with grass or shrubs, and as some of these areas are under large trees, plants that can thrive with little sunlight should be chosen.

While these are examples of places that particularly should be focused on, they are by no means the only areas of campus that need attention. Administrators should work to develop an overall, unifying landscaping them that covers the entire campus.

Making more of an effort to keep the campus grounds clean and attractive sends the message that Baylor takes pride in itself and that it cares about presenting itself in an attractive way. All these things will create a more visually appealing campus for current students and prospective students.