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Letters to the Editor

Feb. 22, 2001

Hensley's column boils down to whether abortion is sinful

Regarding Amethyst Hensley's column on world over-population, I agree that poverty and a future lack of food are weighty issues. And I admit that I don't have all the answers and perhaps I will be chided for criticizing one solution without offering an alternate.

However, I consider President George W. Bush's 'terrible decision' to be God-honoring. The question boils down (as always) to whether abortion is sin. If it is not, then I stand in error, Hensley is right and what I say must be disregarded.

If abortion is wrong, however, then it is irrelevant to us if indeed Bush's move will increase illegal abortions worldwide. Our primary concern must be to have no part in the wrong, but rather to do all we can to prevent it and to let those who commit it anyway answer to their Maker. (Not as if, however, the blood isn't already on our head as a nation, if indeed abortion is wrong.)

Hensley calls on us to accept abortion. I shall not. Let the IPPF stop abortions and concentrate solely on 'reproductive cycle education' as well as perhaps some archaic biblical advice, and I will be all for it.

Until then, here I stand.

David Hastie

University Scholar '01