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TSTC man eludes law enforcement

Feb. 22, 2001

Officials accuse student of possessing bomb materials


Assistant City Editor

Law enforcement officials were still searching late Wednesday for a TSTC student who was accused Tuesday of possessing bomb-making materials.

Texas State Technical College student Ryan William Walker, 21, of 2100 Campus Drive, apartment 306 D, is wanted on a charge of possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of components of explosives. Walker is reportedly a chemical technology major.

Acting on a tip, TSTC officials obtained a search warrant early Wednesday for the residence and, after an initial search, enlisted the help of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the U.S. Army's Explosive Device Operations Unit from Fort Hood.

Residents at the Village Oaks apartment complex on the TSTC campus, where Walker lives, were evacuated for approximately three hours Wednesday as ATF agents and Army technicians searched the apartment for '... implements and items utilized in the manufacture of a prohibited weapon, to include any completed or partially completed explosive weapons, destructive devices, tools, and reference materials, including computerized storage media in violation of Texas Penal Code Section 46.05 and 46.09,' the search warrant said.

Items seized included a 'red water bong, powder flask with powder, butane canister, box containing two capped and drilled PVC pipes, 1 pound Pyrodex box, three light bulbs with filaments wrapped to bases, circuit board with six capacitors' and various timing devices and power supplies. Pyrodex is a brand of gunpowder.

Another capped and drilled PVC pipe was also seized. Investigators confiscated a 'Bowie knife, butterfly knife,' a samurai sword with a scabbard, a computer, eight computer disks and an academic planner. TSTC student Jason Collier has shared the apartment with Walker and two other students since mid-January.

'He's living four feet away from me, and he could have blown up the whole building,' Collier said. 'I would have been the first to go.'

TSTC officials did not return calls late Wednesday.