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Letters to the Editor

Feb. 20, 2001

Chapel is intended as time for Christian worship

In response to Friday's editorial about Baylor needing more diversity, I couldn't agree with you more. It is quite disturbing to me that less than 20 percent of Baylor students are ethnic minorities. I also agree that an African studies program would be an excellent addition to the Baylor curriculum, and I would like to add my personal tribute to the job that Dr. Ellis has done with the Jewish studies program.

However, of all of the asinine comments made by The Lariat -- and I have read and laughed at many -- your suggestion that Baylor should make chapel 'a more diverse religious forum' takes the cake.

May I suggest to the editors that they walk out to the quad and read the school motto: Pro Texana, Pro Ecclesia. For Texas, for Church. Baylor was founded on strong Christian values with the express purpose of being a Baptist alternative to schools with a non-Christian focus. Baylor is dedicated to educating and strengthening young Christians so that they may have an impact on the world for Christ. Baylor provides a unique service to the world community. We are an unashamedly Christian institution that has not, and I pray to God will not ever, sacrifice its mission in the name of anything, be it national recognition, religious pluralism, or the ideas of a group of pompous, self-important egoist editors.

Chapel should go back to being a place of Christian worship and devotion.

It should be a chance for the Baylor student body to come together and grow closer to our God and our fellow students.

Maybe the editors should spend as much effort working for the Baylor spirit as they do working to change or misrepresent it. Either that, or as someone once suggested to you ... Move to Austin.

BJ Johnson

University Scholars '03

I wanted to respond to the hate crime column in Wednesday's paper. I am from Jasper, Texas, and was very surprised to see that Helen Humphrey wrote, 'Jasper has long been a city rife with racial tension.' If she believed everything the news said, one might see how she came to this belief, but if she had wanted to get the truth firsthand, she should have asked someone from Jasper before printing a statement like that.

Jasper is not a city with deep-seeded racism unlike how it was portrayed in the news because of the crime committed a couple of years ago. I was upset by the comment and hope that further articles involving bold statements as that will be better researched before it is printed.

Jennifer Jackson

Psychology '01