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Boston-based band performs a set in SUB

Feb. 20, 2001

The Wine Field returns to campus



The Wine Field, a band from the Boston area, performed from noon until 1 p.m. Monday in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

In 1999 the band played at more than 100 college campus performances and has toured in 47 states in the country, including four past Baylor shows in Penland cafeteria and the student center.

The band members of The Wine Field include bassist Phil Ostar, vocalist Shawn Tooley, guitarist Jim Landry and drummer Mike Nappi.

The band has played together for four years.

Connie Chilvers, a Shreveport, La., junior, stopped to listen to The Wine Field on her lunch break.

'They have a fresh, upbeat sound,' she said. 'I've never seen a band perform inside the SUB, so I had to stop to listen.'

In September 2000, The Wine Field recorded its album Into the Century, which features songs, Maybe I'm Right and I'm Not Breathing.

The band was featured in Billboard Magazine and received a record deal from EMI Records.

Ostar said the band has traveled coast to coast, picking up good experience along the way.

'We've put 100,000 miles on our van in the past four years,' he said. 'Performing in Chesterfield's Café in Paris [Texas] was our favorite gig.'

Tooley said the band's music was featured on the television programs Dawson's Creek, Party of Five and First Wave.

'The producers of the shows licensed the music after just one listen,' he said.

The Wine Field performs acoustic music, blending together varied backgrounds of jazz, rock and hip-hop.

Their next big performance will be at the NACA National Conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Manuel Lee, a Winnsboro sophomore, also enjoyed the music entertainment of The Wine Field during his lunch break.

'They really have a good beat,' he said. 'Their sound reminds me of Creed.'