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Internet services help job search

Feb. 16, 2001

College Hire, other Web sites widen applicants' job options


Staff writer

The sound of computer keys clicking is all too common in Steven Stout's apartment. The Houston senior, who graduates in May, is busy researching companies and jobs in hopes of finding the perfect one.

'I am trying to prepare myself now, so I don't go out in the job market empty-handed. I want some security,' he said.

Online job searches have become common in today's technology filled world. With everything ending up on the Internet, why not move to an era where all jobs are found online, rather than in newspapers and career centers? Jeff Daniel thought just that. The 1992 Baylor graduate started College Hire, an online job search engine. With a turnaround of over 500 offers for job seekers using College Hire, it is changing the way college students search for jobs.

'There are tons of companies out there that Baylor students should work for but they don't know about them,' he said.

Daniel said there are not enough people working at career services to manage all Baylor students.

'They don't have someone researching the best companies,' Daniel said.

Nathan Street, a 2000 Baylor graduate, also found this to be true. Street researched jobs online using during his senior year, which eventually led to his job at Nortel Communications.

'I never made voice contact with Nortel until the last interview,' he said.

Street said the advantages of searching online were the ease of use and access to companies all over the world. He said he found using online searches more valuable than the Career Services Center because online offered him more possibilities.

'I didn't like using career services because I felt they only catered to business school students. I went to the career fair, but as a telecom student there wasn't much for me. The fairs were sparse for communications and entertainment industries,' Street said.

The Career Services Center does offer more than just career fairs, however.