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Hunger ministries join forces with local groups to give aid

Feb. 16, 2001

Student group calls attention to hunger needs here, abroad



The Baptist Student Ministries' HOPE hunger ministry is partnering with local social organizations to educate students about how they can help meet the hunger needs of the Waco and global communities.

'Our purpose always has been to educate the campus about the needs of hunger and poverty not only globally but also locally,' said Jerrod Clark, a co-leader of HOPE.

Clark said that a major focus of the week is to give students an opportunity to participate in ministry.

'We want students to get plugged in on a regular basis in Waco,' Clark, a social work graduate student, said. 'This is an opportunity for people to know what's available for them in the community.'

Activities during Hunger Awareness Week will include a hunger banquet Monday, a group volunteer effort at the World Hunger Relief Farm Wednesday and a 'hunger run' Thursday to raise money for food ministry in Cuba.

'We want to give the campus opportunities to be active and to participate in aiding those who are hungry,' said Elizabeth Davis, a co-leader of HOPE.

Davis, a Channing sophomore, said Hunger Awareness Week is designed to open students' eyes to ways they can help address hunger and poverty problems in Waco.

'It is hard to understand these needs if you've never seen hunger or been in a position to experience it,' Davis said. 'If through this week we can impact and change one person's perception about what it's like to truly be hungry, the week will be a success.'

Davis said she feels Baylor students do not participate in hunger ministry because they are not familiar with the problem.

'The first semester of my freshman year, every day I would see the homeless who would stand under I-35,' Davis said. 'Coming from a little town where there wasn't a hunger problem and there wasn't a homeless problem, the eyes of my heart were just overwhelmed.'

Davis said she later became involved in an inner city ministry that completely changed her perception of hunger and