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Intramural department adds weekly statistics

Feb. 14, 2001

Basketball individual and team stats are tabulated on a week-by-week basis



The intramural sports department added a new twist to the intramural basketball season this year by keeping track of personal and team statistics each week.

'We wanted to offer the students more and thought that students would enjoy it,' David Brown, a Big Spring graduate assistant, said.

'Even though it takes extra work on our part, this service improves our program and brings more interest and excitement to the game.'

There are two staff members, a scorekeeper and a timer, who keep track of players' points at each court.

The information that they record is transferred to a database to find the top scorers for each week.

The high scorers, best defense and best offense statistics are posted on the intramural sports Web site and in front of the basketball courts. Brown said the department hopes that they can expand the publication of the statistics around campus.

'There are four words that we guide our specialized student services with that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary,' Kevin Engelbrecht, intramurals coordinator, said. 'Those four words are, 'a little bit more.'' Engelbrecht said that he wants to improve the program and offer more services to students than any other campus in the nation.

'I think that trying to get their names on a list might be in the back of people's minds as they play, but it shouldn't affect our team negatively,' said Matt Stolt, a Yorkville, Ill. senior and a ranked high scorer.

'Keeping statistics is a really great way to give teams something to shoot for and get recognized,' said Caitlin McDaniel, a Plano junior and Zeta Tau Alpha player.

'I think the B-teams are not going to get the recognition that A-teams get, but I think it is great that they are posting stats because it keeps everyone involved,' Deborah Landreth, a Midland senior and Kappa Kappa Gamma player, said.

The second week of team rankings have been posted and many of the predicted top teams have been bumped down the list.

Residence hall team Collins Wasabi was originally ranked No. 1 but now isn't ranked in the top-10.

There is a high level of competition and a great turnout of spectators, Brown said. The seating in the gym exceeds capacity and fans end up sitting on the floor.