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Groups get in high gear for Sing

Feb. 14, 2001



'All-University Sing' will start Thursday night with a dress rehearsal in Waco Hall. The show lets those students participating in Sing see the acts performing before and after them, in order to get a feel for a live audience.

Friday is club night, where participants will be able to watch the premiere of Sing 2001 in the audience while wearing their costumes.

Friday night's show will be judged, but the scores will not count toward the total.

Only Saturday night's show will count this week and added to next weekend's scores. Each group will be able to use the practice scoring in order to make any last minute improvements.

'This week isn't any harder,' Philip Dunlap, a Corpus Christi junior, said. 'But it is more stressful because of the anticipation. We know we don't have that much time left to practice before the real thing.'

This week each act practiced with the live band for the first time.

Chad Peterson, coordinator of special performances, knows how hard the adjustment can be.

'I was Sing chair for my organization when I was at Baylor,' Peterson said. 'Practicing with a taped song is a lot easier than a live band. The band's tempo changes and there is a different sound to it.'

Peterson is working with each group to make Sing as a whole come off the best that it can.

Tickets sold out the day they were available for the Sing shows on the weekends, but plenty remain for the Feb. 22 dress rehearsal. Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the ticket office in the Bill Daniel Student Center.