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If you don't invest in BU, you won't get much out of college

Feb. 14, 2001

Congratulations to the men's basketball team on their victory Monday night! The victory means a lot to Baylor on many different levels, and I hope that every student feels like they are a part of it.

As I reflected on the game, I realized one of life's truths that greatly affects this university. If you are willing to invest in Baylor, both you and Baylor will be strengthened.

To some students Baylor is no more than the place where they go to school. They attend classes and hang out with friends, and never know what separates Baylor from other universities. Events and traditions pass them by.

Make Baylor a place you love by investing yourselves in it. The more you involve yourself in Baylor the more her successes will mean to you. Sports are only the tip of the iceberg of things you can be proud of. We have one of the most talented student bodies in the nation. This will be evident the next two weekends at Sing.

It will be like this your whole life. The more of yourself that you invest in a group, a church or an organization, the more you will gain and your investment be strengthened. Baylor's students make this a strong university, so I encourage you to involve yourself in as much of it as possible.

Jon Rolph