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Scholar's Day to highlight graduates

Feb. 14, 2001

Presentations to range from topics in history to physics



More than 100 faculty and students will give presentations on everything from Neptune to paychecks today at the annual Scholar's Day. The presenters will come from many different disciplines, such as physics, history, physical therapy, sociology, religion and marketing.

According to Dr. Larry Lyon, dean of the graduate school, the purpose of Scholar's Day is to recognize and publicize scholars at Baylor. He said students often do not think about the fact that their professors are also poets, musicians, researchers and many other things aside from teachers.

Ray Nazzario, analyst/programmer in the Information Technology Center and a doctoral candidate in physics, is one of the presenters featured at Scholar's Day. He has been featured at other conferences, such as the American Physical Society and the Lunar and Planetary Society. He said the Baylor presentation is different because the audiences are not made up of experts.

Nazzario said the importance of having these presentations is to 'enlighten [the audience] about what we're doing and trying to present it in a way they'll understand.'

The Scholar's Day luncheon for presenters will feature guest speaker Dr. Teresa Sullivan, dean of the graduate school at The University of Texas.

She earned her doctorate from the University of Chicago and is a well-known labor-force demographer.

Some of the topics of morning presentations are as follows: 'Dust Grain Orbital Behavior Around Neptune,' presented by Ray Nazzario; 'Encountering Hector: Harry Potter's Ancient Predecessor,' presented by Dr. Mairi Rennie, professor in the English department; and 'The Priority of the Feminine in the Tao Te Ching,' presented by Travis Foster, master's candidate in philosophy.

Some of the afternoon presentations will be 'For the Sake of the City: Achilles and Aeneas From the Innamorato to the Furioso,' presented by Dr. Julia Kisacky, lecturer in the modern foreign languages department, and 'Education and Experience: Are They Reasons for the Convergence in The Gender Wage Gap?' presented by Yan Sun, master's candidate in economics.

Nazzario said he hopes to see a lot of undergraduates at the presentations so they can get a better idea of the latest research at Baylor.

He said the presenters also hope that other graduate students will come to learn about research outside their own fields of study.

Lyon said the majority of the audience will be made up of undergraduates. He said professors encourage their students to attend these presentations because they believe 'it's important for students to see the research side of what we do.'

All the Scholar's Day presentations are free and open to the public and for a moe complete schedule of the presentations see ~Graduate_School/scholars_day.htm.