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Student band remains in No. 1 spot in national contest

Feb. 9, 2001



The alternative band Mark Needs A Chick has taken a step to possible stardom by entering the Sam Goody's Bandamonium contest. Selected out of hundreds of unsigned bands in the United States, Mark Needs A Chick is currently No. 1 in the nation.

Mark Needs A Chick is leading the Bandamonium contest by a popular vote of more than 156,000 votes to date. The contest deadline for voting on the Sam Goody Web site ends Feb. 15, and the best band will then be invited to Panama City Beach, Fla., to perform in front of thousands of people during spring break.

Mark Ellis, a Cypress junior who is the lead singer and guitarist, said his band decided six months ago to enter the Bandamonium contest for fun.

'When we made it to No. 1 in the nation we couldn't believe it,' Ellis said.

'It is a huge blessing for us to have gotten this far and it is an honor that so many people have voted for us on the Web site.'

Each year Sam Goody holds the Bandamonium contest to help aspiring musicians reach their dreams. Unsigned bands around the nation send in their music and let the Internet audience vote. Sam Goody provides the winner with a national audience, musical instruments, cash and prizes.

Ramone Vigil, the manager of Sam Goody Music at Richland Mall in Waco, said the Bandamonium promotion is a 'great way for local bands to expose themselves to a larger audience.'

Mark Needs A Chick was created by Ellis, a Baylor student; the drummer Josh Reyna and bassist Mike Rulmyr attend Texas State Technical College and Blinn Junior College in College Station, respectively.

They have played together since the spring of 1998 in their hometown of Cypress. After just two weeks of practice, Mark Needs A Chick performed its first live show at the Metamorphis in Houston. They have played gigs at community centers, theme parks, outdoor festivals, and in clubs around Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Mark Needs A Chick also performed at Chapel-Forum last semester and at the BYX fraternity's Island Party last year.

Since 1998, the band has collected lyrics, music, and fans along the way. The most popular songs on their new CD include All Alone and Shy vs. Shy.

Fans of the band say that when audiences come to see Mark Needs a Chick perform live shows, they are in for high-energy alternative music.

Information about the band is available at the Sam Goody Web site, and at the band's site at www.