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Letters to the Editor

Feb. 9, 2001

Get involved so you don't let college pass you by

I had the opportunity to attend the St. Olaf Choir concert on Tuesday night. I think many of those who attended would agree with me in saying that the concert was, in just one word, inspiring. The one element of the evening that I did find rather disconcerting, however, was the lack of student attendance. I will grant that the admission price of $10 is somewhat steep for the 'average' college student's budget. But the low levels of student participation in many of Baylor's outside activities seem to extend even to those events that do not carry such a price tag.

The college years are some of the few in which we will have the opportunity to participate in events and activities that will enrich the rest of our lives. In my two years at Baylor, I have learned that education does not just involve studying and becoming involved in organizations, but also being exposed to new ideas and experiences. Baylor abounds with opportunities to experience choral and instrumental performances, theatrical productions and athletic events. Not only does attending these events benefit you, it also shows gratitude toward those who spend months preparing to offer such programs. I can only imagine the intense work that goes into practicing to play in a basketball game or rehearsing to perform Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. The students who give so many hours to these programs do so because they enjoy it and want the particular team or troupe in which they are involved at Baylor to be the best around. The least students could do is fill an arena or auditorium.

This time of year tends to find many students busy and stretched beyond belief, but these years may be the only time to build character. In merely attending special events, we can show appreciation for the measures to which others go to enlighten us. Talent and dedication on this campus surpass that of many other institutions. It is a travesty when Baylor students rob themselves of the experiences that are freely offered regularly.

Will Shurley

Journalism '03