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Brochure aims to attract minorities

Feb. 9, 2001

University seeks students to further diversify campus



Baylor will implement a new recruitment tool in the fall of 2001. The brochure focuses on multicultural activities and organizations.

Four departments collaborated on a four-color brochure to publicize multicultural diversity on campus for prospective students. They began putting the brochure together last spring and it is now ready for print.

When making the brochure, the departments looked at other recruitment tools from both private and other Big 12 schools to see what they offered. Some schools did not even offer a multicultural brochure, said Ramona Curtis, director of human relations.

The brochure will highlight the events and organizations on campus that attract minorities. Minority fraternities and sororities are listed in the brochure.

Baylor now offers every national historically black sorority and four of the five national fraternities. Baylor is hoping to charter a national Asian sorority in the near future, Curtis said.

Ramona Curtis, director of human relations, said 22 percent of Baylor students are minorities. The brochure publicizes all organizations and events that promote multicultural involvement.

Natalie Hobson, a Richmond junior, is the vice president of the Association of Black Students. She said there was not necessarily a specific brochure or recruitment tool that influenced her decision to go to Baylor. One way, she suggested, to attract more minority students to the campus is through the students that already attend Baylor.

'If Baylor offers more events for current students, then students would tell prospective students. Everyone knows of someone that is making a decision about college,' Hobson said.

Students attend a certain college for various reasons.

Luis Carmona, a Houston sophomore, and Hispanic Student Association secretary, said he always wanted to go to Baylor.

'HSA is a great way to get to know students from your background.' Carmona said. 'It is good to have people with the same background to share experiences with at school. Baylor offers plenty of activities, it just depends on how involved you want to be.'

Baylor wants to be inclusive at all levels, James Steen, director of recruitment, said.

'When recruiting students, every ethnicity is offered the same information,' Steen, said. 'We don't want to isolate or rule someone in or rule someone out.'

When prospective students receive 'Life Outside the Classroom,' another recruitment brochure, they will be able to ask for more information on multicultural activities. They will then receive the multicultural brochure.

Curtis said the main purpose of the recruitment brochure was to show the 'aspect of cultural wealth on campus' and help Baylor become more heterogeneous, Curtis said.

Steen hopes to increase minority enrollment during the upcoming fall recruitment cycle.

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