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Group offers Valentine serenades

Feb. 8, 2001



Coordinator of Greek life Tam Dunn walked into her office and found the walls covered in black. Jon Purdy, Dunn's graduate assistant, had led a raid the night before with four colleagues, 75 trash bags and 150 black balloons.

The afternoon brought yet another surprise as nine students, one of them carrying a guitar, filed into the Office of Student Activities. Dunn hid in her office as members of the Ballet Folklórico Ocelotl serenaded her with Happy Birthday to You.

Ballet Folklórico Ocelotl is selling serenades for the week of Valentine's Day. Students can buy three songs for $15 or five for $20. Two guitar players and a lead singer provide both English and Spanish songs while other members provide background and harmony.

'We just received our charter in October, so we're a fairly new organization,' said ballet President Karla Garza, an Eagle Pass junior.

Students meet each Friday to practice Mexican folk dance. 'We try to share Mexican culture with the Baylor community and the Waco community as well,' Jessica Juarez, a Laredo junior, said.

Juarez eventually brought Dunn out of her office. The students finished their serenade, and departed to a round of applause.

'It was very good. I was quite surprised, taken aback, but they're very good,' Dunn said. 'I hope they do well with their serenades because they're wonderful singers.'

Asked later if she had ordered the serenade, coordinator of multicultural activities Pearlie Beverly loudly pleaded the Fifth.

Students can order Ballet Folklórico Ocelotl's serenades at the Bill Daniel Student Center for the rest of this week.