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Letters to the Editor

Feb. 6, 2001

Dancing not sufficient to receive free tuition award

I read Clint Cox's column from Friday's Lariat titled 'Dancing for dollars.' I took a lot of interest in it because I am the guy that danced at the basketball game to which he's referring.

It's not every day that I get to read an article in The Lariat by someone who is completely uninformed about an issue, yet speaks on it as if he is an authority. In his article, Cox believes that the only thing I had to do in order to win free tuition was 'dance around to 'NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye, and, if the audience deems them the winner, they've got a free ride at Baylor for a semester.'

He also states that Baylor should make students do 'something significant, like make a shot from the half-court line.'

Cox is right. They should make me do 'something significant, like make a shot from the half-court line.' I wonder what exactly they want me to do at the Feb. 21 men's basketball game against the University of Texas at Austin's Longhorns, when I am standing at half court with basketball in hand.

Perhaps they just want me to dribble for free money. That's conceivable, since before I went back up into the stands, the people on the court told me that I had to make a half-court shot before collecting my prize.

Maybe that was just a big joke though, and any day now I will just be receiving a free check in the mail. It is also possible to miss an announcement over the Ferrell Center's loud speakers.

My friends told me that the announcer said that I needed to come back and make a half-court shot. I didn't hear it though, because I was still in a daze after exhibiting my ability to, as Cox puts it 'roll around like a beach ball on the floor.'

On a side note, I admire Cox's attempt to build up the Baylor student body by insulting their judgment and integrity.

He does this so well when he states that the 'way that Baylor determined the winner was totally ridiculous.' He should recall that the people who voted for the winner were not just my peers, but his own.

I wish Cox a good future in his political science major. He has already gotten a good start since he knows how to acquire partial information and attempt to persuade the public into believing it to be the whole story, when it is not.

Brent Grady

Communications '03

(Editor's note: After writing his column, Cox learned that the winner of the dance competition would be required to make a basketball shot from half-court.)