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Opportunities abound for motivated students

Feb. 6, 2001

'Argh! There is nothing to do here! I wish there were more to do at Baylor.' How many times have you heard those lines from the lips of your friends? The truth is that there is a lot to do here. Baylor is practically the Land of Opportunity.

For instance, this is the first piece I have written for The Lariat. In fact, this is the first article I have ever written for anything outside of an English class. How did this happen? Well, I just happened to stumble into The Lariat office one day, with the pushing and aiding of a friend, and wound up getting a job as a photographer. I have never taken a photography course and I have only used a camera for my own enjoyment. I think I got the position because the people on The Lariat's staff saw how adamant and excited I was about photography.

Doors at Baylor do not just swing open only for photographers. Stephanie Stepp, a senior from Katy, has had the unique privilege of helping many professors in the psychology department on their research since her freshman year. She has even been allowed to teach a lab for one of the learning and behavior courses.

When I asked Stephanie if she thought she may have had this chance at another university she said, 'It is very rare that any undergraduates get to teach a lab, or any other course. Baylor has offered me opportunities I probably would not have found anywhere else.'

If sports is your thing, you will be happy to know that the Baylor track team has an open- door policy. Laray Guerrero, a sophomore from Fanger, said 'At a state school, they have more recruits on their track team, which make it difficult for others to get a spot on the team; however, Baylor allowed me to walk on and the coaches treated me with the utmost respect.'

An infinite amount of positions are waiting to be filled by individuals that love their hobby, sport, or pastime. There is just about a club or group of some kind on campus for every imaginable concept.

It is just a matter of finding out what your interests are and pursuing them. Sometimes you might have to really look hard to find the things that interest you and sometimes they just may find you. As long as you really pursue whatever it is that captures your attention, then your love for it will naturally blossom.