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Vandalism puts statue in storage

Feb. 6, 2001

Committee to decide on Jesus sculpture's new future location


Staff Writer

Physical Plant workers recently took the statue of Jesus praying that was located between Burleson Hall and Bennett Auditorium and put it in a crate in a warehouse to protect it from vandalism.

Neil Scarborough, building services manager, said the statue is a 'target of continual vandalism.' He said the statue was broken from its base and later found close to Rena Marrs McLean Gymnasium during Homecoming Week.

Don Bagby, director of facilities, said, 'There is a possibility that the statue will be moved to another location that might provide a more secure setting.'

The future location of the statue is in the hands of the Sculpture Committee, which directed this move. Among the locations that have been mentioned is the courtyard of the new seminary.

Dr. Ellie Caston, head of the Sculpture Committee, did not return repeated phone calls.