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Opening day nears for all-university 5-on-5 basketball tourney

Feb. 2, 2001



The pre-season polls are posted and teams are practicing hard for the first week of intramural basketball.

The top-10 rankings of men's and women's basketball are posted all around campus. A selection committee composed of intramural graduate assistants and Kevin Engelbrecht, the coordinator of intramural sports, made the picks. This committee determined the rankings by considering performance in last year's season, last semester's 3-on-3 tournament, reputation and the players participating.

'Last year's champions, 'Who's Your Daddy,' fell in the polls because one of their key scorers graduated and they don't have the same team they had,' said Heather Brown, an intramural graduate assistant. 'We pay attention to teams that have players from club basketball and players who walked onto the Baylor basketball team.'

'We are actually out there on the courts watching to determine these pre-season polls,' Engelbrecht said.

Engelbrecht predicted that the men's open league is the strongest league, but has problems with eligibility. He also predicted that the women's open teams and residence hall teams will cause problems for the sororities participating.

In the past, no women's residence halls participated in 5-on-5 basketball due to losing girls to sororities. This year there are 12 women's residence hall teams participating, Engelbrecht said.

'I believe that No. 1-ranked Collins Wasabi will prove for all that there is life after rush for women's residence halls,' Engelbrecht said. 'The Fraternity Green league has voiced concern that they were not regarded as strong a league as Fraternity Gold, so I sense they have something to prove.'

Although Engelbrecht picked his favorites, Brown predicts that Kappa Kappa Gamma, 3-on-3 basketball champions, and the Beavers are the teams to watch.

The winners of the all-university championships will receive an invitation to the regional competition held at the University of North Texas. A win there moves the team to nationals.

The season starts on Wednesday and the games will run from 3:30 to 11:30 p.m. at the McLane Student Life Center. Monday and Tuesday are reserved for scrimmages.