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After taking act to Austin, Clover prepares for local venue

Feb. 2, 2001



If four-leaf clovers are good luck, then the extra 'leaf' it took to put together local band Clover only added more magic.

This weekend, Waco based band Clover will be performing at Scruffy Murphy's as kind of a homecoming. For the last few weeks, they have performed in Austin at Momo's and have been absent from the Waco scene for almost a month. This Saturday, Clover will take over the stage at 10 p.m.

Clover played to a packed house at Momo's last week on 6th Street. In addition to many of their Baylor fans, Clover's performance captivated a new audience. Clover's sound is unique in that they cover a wide range of musical styles. The closest chart-topping band to associate them with would be Tonic, and musically they share a resemblance to Fuel.

Lead singer Jeremy Whitten pours out emotions in songs such as crowd favorites War and Tonight. As lead singer, Whitten could take all the spotlight attention for the band, but instead he chooses to step back at times and focus the attention on to the rest of the band. Guitarists Gray Wilcox and Gard Parkinson, bassist Byron Wier and drummer Jason Reece provide the drive that keeps both Whitten and the audience going.

In addition to their original music, Clover is also a great cover band. Performing songs from bands such as Guns-n-Roses and Sublime to AC/DC, Clover does just about everything.

A few weeks ago I went to Austin with a few friends to see Clover perform.

After Clover finished a set, they took a break and I overheard a female fan ask Wilcox if he'd remember the 'little people' when Clover made it big. His response showed me how much this band values its fans.

'The little people are the ones who will keep us from being big,'' Wilcox said. 'Those that have been there with us will be the big people.'

There is something for everyone in their shows; there's rock, there's music you can dance to and then there's songs such as What's Done is Done that will have you taking out lighters and swaying along.

If for some reason you can't make it to the show, you can catch Clover in Austin at Momo's on Feb. 8 and 22 at 11p.m. and on Feb. 15 at 10 p.m. Next weekend they travel to Norman, Okla. to perform with Factor 9 at the Firehouse.