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Punk show brings together local bands for concert

Feb. 2, 2001



On Tuesday night, Jubilee Center was host to spiky hair and a lot of happy pushing, shoving and jumping around -- but mainly, some great punk rock.

The show started off with the decibelz, a local Waco band playing their first show. The band consists of Paul, 15 , Jeff, 16, and Mike, 20. They have been together since June. Paul Whitney, lead singer and bass player, said the theme of most of their music is religion and girls.

'We try to stay away from politics, because we don't really know about that,' Whitney said.

He said his music is probably most influenced by the bands Blink 182 and MXPX.

The band had a lot of crowd support, and they put together a good set list with plenty of energy, despite the technical difficulties that seem to plague opening bands.

'It was awesome,' Whitney said, 'although I wish we had had guitars that stayed in tune and ways not to lose our picks.'

Following the decibelz was the Dallas band Slowride. They wore 'Czech Stop' t-shirts, and even said a few words commemorating the West restaurant well known to frequent users of I-35.

As more people arrived at the center, the crowd grew up front near the stage. Slowride hyped up the crowd throughout their show, and the mosh pit that formed periodically between the stage and the seats got more energized.

The Huntingtons headlined that night. Their main musical influence is The Ramones.

The Huntingtons had a lot of momentum, taking care of earlier technical difficulties by going straight through from song to song without pauses. The fans responded to the fast-paced style of The Huntingtons and excitedly sang along with almost all of the songs.

The Huntingtons said they had a good time playing in Waco.

The concert came to a close with a set by Korc-74, who were playing their last show that night.

The show was put on by Fugitive Promotions. Frankie Williams, one of the three people who make up Fugitive Promotions, was pleased with the turnout to the concert.

'I didn't expect this many people to show up, seeing as we had about two weeks to plan it. We're looking forward to the next show being even bigger,' Williams said.

Fugitive Promotions is hoping to have another show scheduled for March.

There were several Baylor students in attendance. Nicolas Ortiz, a freshman at Hill College in Hillsboro, came to Waco to see the show.

'I've never seen so many people smiling and in a mosh pit,' Ortiz said.