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BU officials should be more student-friendly

Feb. 2, 2001

We believe it should be a goal of the administration, as part of Baylor's 10-year vision, to make themselves more involved with students and more visible on campus.

Many students on campus have only a vague idea as to who Baylor's administrators are, other than occasionally reading their names in The Lariat. This leads to a feeling of alienation between students and the administration.

Baylor students and administrators are not very in tune with each others' interests or goals. And when it is time to make decisions that affect students, the administration sometimes is unaware about how its decisions will impact students on campus. Even when the effect on students' lives is taken into account, it would be helpful if the administration would make a greater effort to talk to the students about recent and upcoming decisions. Also, sometimes administrators are unaware of the issues students want to see addressed.

For all of these reasons, administrators need to reach out to students more and let them know they care about them. If one of the vice presidents, for example, had lunch at the Bill Daniel Student Center or one of the cafeterias on a regular basis, that would send a signal to students that the administration cares about them and is interested in more than just their tuition dollars. Other good gestures could include administrators guest-lecturing more often, taking walks with students on campus and making a point to visit with students at athletic events. Doing these things and making the administration more student-friendly would go a long way toward bridging the gap that currently exists between them and students.

Being a smaller school, a great opportunity exists at Baylor for students, faculty and administrators to get to know each other well. Unfortunately, the administration doesn't seem to take advantage of this. And when students have problems or questions and are forced to meet with Baylor officials, they are often difficult to get in touch with, which makes them seem that much less interested in the students and their lives.

The administrators are the ones that make our decisions and whose salaries students' tuition dollars pay, and until there is a strong and trustful relationship between the two groups, there will always be a void on campus.