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Film reunites 'Sixth Sense' team

Dec. 1, 2000



At first glance, David Dunn (Bruce Willis) seems like an ordinary man. He reads the paper, goes to work and questions the reasons for his existence, just like the next guy. But anyone who's seen the preview or read the movie's title would know otherwise. They would know that beneath that thin veneer of normalcy, Dunn is actually invincible. Well, not invincible, per se, in the immortal sense of the word, but he doesn't break very easily.

This becomes clear within the first 10 minutes. Though the train he is riding home to Philadelphia derails, killing all of the other 132 passengers, Dunn walks away without a scratch. Suddenly, events in his past begin to come under a new focus.

'Can you remember me ever being sick?' Dunn asks his wife.

Of course, she can't, and neither can anyone else. Nor can they remember him being hurt, maimed, injured, wounded or forced into any manner of debilitating physical condition.

Dunn, however, like most people when confronted with uncomfortable knowledge, would be content to simply return to his job as a security guard and live as if nothing has changed.

If Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) has anything to do with it, however, that will be the last thing Dunn does. Price, a Philadelphia comic book specialist, is almost as fragile as Dunn is strong.

Afflicted with a congenital illness from birth, Price lives with almost fanatical caution. The slightest impact could shatter his bones.

When he discovers Dunn's abilities on the opposite end of the spectrum, he won't rest until he has convinced him to live up to his potential.

Unfortunately, that's all the responsible reviewer can say about the plot.

Written, produced and directed by the writer/director of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable's major strength lies in its unpredictability. Though the movie plods along at its own deliberate pace, you're never quite sure what will happen next.

It may take a certain degree of patience to stay interested in the slow-moving plot, but the film's brilliant surprise ending makes the wait well worth it.

But for those die-hard action fans (pun) who don't think they can make it through the slow parts, think on this: If Bruce Willis can do it, anybody can.