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Man guilty of assault attempt faces sentencing

Dec. 1, 2000



The penalty phase in the trial of a man convicted of trying to sexually assault a Baylor sophomore last November continues today in Waco's 54th District Court.

Tuesday, nearly a year after his arrest, Timothy Dale Flowers, 32, was found guilty on the charge of burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit sexual assault and the use of a deadly weapon, a first-degree felony.

Flowers could be sentenced to five to 99 years or life in prison, Mike Freeman, assistant district attorney, said.

A first-degree felony carries the stipulation that at least half of the sentence be served before a person becomes eligible for parole.

'We are going for life. If we get it, [Flowers] will be in prison for 30 years before he is eligible for parole,' Freeman said.

A staff member for Assistant District Attorney Tamara Ballmann said that much of the information about Flowers' sexual transgressions came from his own journals that the prosecution presented as evidence. She said that Michael Sloan, a Waco junior and son of President Robert B. Sloan Jr.; Austin Allen, a Flower Mound sophomore; past victims; probation officers; police officers and Flowers' ex-girlfriend testified Wednesday.

'I think that Flowers goes way beyond the event that happened last Thanksgiving,' Michael Sloan said. 'He's been in rehab and on probation for the past 15 years and has continued to commit crimes. He's obviously a dangerous person.'

Freeman said a past rape victim, Flowers' therapist and a police officer testified Thursday.

'We plan to wrap up [Friday] and expect the defense to continue through Monday,' Freeman said.

Flowers has four misdemeanor assault convictions in Travis and Llano counties beginning in 1988 and has been charged in another sexual assault case in Austin. The Austin case will begin after the current trial in Waco concludes.

Last year's attempted sexual assault against the student occurred when her car wouldn't start and she went back into her home on S. 11th Street to make a call without locking the door. Flowers grabbed her by the hair and had fought her to the ground when two students, Sloan and Allen, came on the scene and flagged down police officers. Flowers then attacked the police officer and fled the scene. Sloan and Allen tackled and held the burglar until the officer arrived.

According to a student that lived in the house last year, the housemates 'hope that he is put away for a long time so that he isn't able to hurt anyone else' and are pleased with the guilty verdict.

'I think justice will be served,' Sloan said.

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