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Message boards give fans forum to discuss football team

Oct. 27, 2000



After last weekend's loss to the top-ranked University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Baylor football program recorded its first scoreless streak in three straight games since 1946.

So, with a 3-33 record in the Big 12 conference and a 16-game conference losing streak, what are Baylor fans and students saying about the current state of affairs?

One popular way for people to speak out is by using online message boards. Through this form of communication, people can enjoy total anonymity with a screen name.

At, an unofficial Web site for Baylor athletics, debate rages on at all hours of the day. More than 500 messages have been posted since Wednesday afternoon.

While the players are responsible for what happens on the field, nobody has criticized them on the boards. However, many people want to see several staff changes.

'I urge all students, alumni, fans to contact the Board of Regents to dismiss the athletic director [Tom Stanton] and head coach [Kevin Steele],' 'BearBrooks' said. 'Our program is doomed until they are gone.'

Those on the other side of the debate urge patience and faith at all costs.

'It's time to give our full support to Steele,' 'ebear' said. 'It's time to put disappointment behind us and help create as positive an atmosphere for the players and coaches as possible.'

Paul Bradshaw, associate athletic director for compliance, said the team may not know of the on line discussions.

'I don't think the players are even aware of the bulletin boards that are out there,' he said. 'So from an internal standpoint, I don't think that's affected the team's morale.'

Scott Stricklin, assistant athletic director for communications, said there was no quick fix.

'It's natural for fans to feel the frustrations that come with that [rebuilding] process,' he said, ' but it's not a process that can be completed overnight.'