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Students to begin enrolling Tuesday

Oct. 27, 2000

Registrar advises using Web, phone

By Claire Kennedy


During registration, Vivian Onwudinjo discovered that being an O in the alphabet is not easy. Because of her late registration time, she could not register for any of the human performance classes she wanted.

'I always have to register last,' said Onwudinjo, a junior from Lagos, Nigeria. 'My sophomore year, there were no human performance classes available, so I had to sign up for spring sports officiating. I became a softball umpire for the Waco community. We don't even play softball in Nigeria!'

Early registration begins on Tuesday. According to Anna Kay Hollon-Harris, associate registrar and director of registration, students can take measures to help them get the classes they need. If a student needs a class that is closed, he or she can call his or her department and class instructor for permission to register for the class.

'The departments add as many sections as they can to prevent problems like this,' Hollon-Harris said.

For the fall semester, Baylor offered 1,726 courses. Students will have 41 more course options this spring.

However, having to register late is not the only factor that can cause students difficulty.

Katy sophomore Jill Gamel had difficulty signing up for her classes even though she had early registration.

'It took me three hours last year at Robinson Tower to get everything straightened out,' Gamel said. 'I was supposed to be one of the first ones able to register, and they hadn't cleared the flags [on my account] on accident.'

Hollon-Harris said the easiest way for students to avoid this problem is to ask their advisers to update the flags. Students who wish to take upper-level courses without having taken the pre-requisite courses must call the department of their major and ask for permission before signing up for the course.

Another problem that places a flag on students' accounts and keeps them from registering is cashier holds. Students may have cashier holds if they have a large number of unpaid telephone bills, health center bills, bookstore bills, library fees and parking fines, or if they have pending financial aid.

Students can check to make sure they have no cashier holds through BearWeb.

Hollon-Harris said she recommends that students register using BearWeb or BearTouch rather than standing in line at the Clifton Robinson Tower.

This semester will be the first time that freshmen with zero hours can register using these methods. Because freshmen now have these options, they will register over a three-day period instead of nine, as in the past.

Hollon-Harris said that out of all the methods of registration, BearWeb is most popular.

'Students tend to use BearWeb over BearTouch because they find it a lot more student-friendly, and, [since] it's visible, they can easily find the courses they need.'

In order to register through BearWeb, students must first have a 6-digit PIN. This number can be changed in the registrar's office or through Student Stuff on the Baylor Web site.

Students are allowed to register through BearWeb or BearTouch on their scheduled day between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., on weekends (from 8 a.m. Saturday to 2 p.m. Sunday) or after their classification. Students are not allowed to register after their scheduled day within their classification.