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Recycling needed

Oct. 26, 2000

Starting campus program responsibility of officials

The time has come for administrators to develop a comprehensive, effective recycling program.

Ken Simons, assistant vice president and business manager, recently claimed that recycling is not a major concern of students.

We question this claim. In a poll conducted during Chapel in the 1999-2000 school year, students listed improving recycling as one of their top-10 concerns.

Students and faculty in the environmental studies department have called for a good recycling program.

The environment and recycling are concerns to students, and the administration's hiding behind this false excuse is irresponsible.

Apparently, Simons needs proof that students do care about recycling on campus.

Even if students were not concerned about recycling, Baylor should develop a good recycling program. Recycling preserves our environment, minimizes wasted land that is set aside for the dumping of products that could be reused and ultimately reduces costs to many companies who use recycled wastes.

And, if students are not interested in recycling, make them interested in it.

Institute an educational program that teaches and promotes the value and importance of recycling. This should probably be done even if there is student interest in the issue.

The modest number of blue 'Baylor Recycles' bins on campus are not enough, not to mention the fact that often the contents of these bins are mixed with that of other trash bins and are not recycled. Every classroom, every faculty lounge and office area, every library, every dorm -- every place on campus -- ought to have these bins.

But having them is not enough; the recyclable contents should, obviously, be recycled.

But bins for paper are not enough. Students and faculty should have the opportunity to recycle glass and aluminum cans and other recyclable materials.

There is student concern for recycling.

But regardless of student concern, the administration still needs to be responsible and develop a plan.

To Simons and the administration: Stop making excuses and start taking action.