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Campus groups debate presidential platforms

Oct. 26, 2000

Undecided voters target of event



Representatives from Baylor Democrats and College Republicans targeted undecided voters by debating their candidate's platform last night at U-Decide 2000. The service sorority Delta Sigma Theta hosted the debate.

The event was held in hopes that 'when we go out to vote, we can be an informed group of voters, not having to lean on what our parents and friends say,' said Jessica Attas, U-Decide 2000 coordinator.

Furqan Sunny Azhar, a McAllen sophomore, represented Vice President Al Gore's platform while Joshua Flynt, a Garland senior, represented Gov. George W. Bush's platform. Both candidates were told about the topics of education, foreign policy, civil rights, social security and budget spending in advance.

Dr. Mae Jackson, the district 1 city councilwoman, said she was invited to the debates as a guest speaker, but opted to be the evening's cheerleader.

'It saddens me greatly that young people do not feel a commitment to the political process,' Jackson said. 'If you have never looked at the democratic platform or the republican platform, I encourage you to do that. An uneducated public is a public that will destroy us all.'

Both debaters represented their candidate's views and also offered advice for their presidential candidates.

'Gore needs to stick to the platform and continue to stress the economic prosperity we have experienced the past seven-and-a-half years,' Azhar said. He said the Clinton legacy may also have a negative effect on Gore's campaign.

'[Gore] has to distance himself from the Gore-Clinton administration and become independent with the Gore- Lieberman.'

Flynt said his candidate needs to keep campaigning for conservative values.

'[Bush] needs to say, 'I'm for small government. I'm for less intrusion of your taxes,'' Flynt said.