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Apathy hampers recycling policy

Oct. 25, 2000



After waiting seven weeks for a recycling policy, it looks as though Baylor will have to keep waiting until students show more support, Ken Simons, business manager, said.

Baylor began a recycling program in 1992. However, in 2000, it is still without a set policy.

Part of the blame for this goes to students, Simons said.

'There has not been a strong interest on campus,' Simons said. 'The campus community has not been very supportive of the recycling efforts in the past.'

However, some students and faculty disagree.

David Heddy, a Woodlands senior, said he believes Baylor does not make recycling accessible enough.

The lack of a recycling policy 'discourages people' from trying to recycle, Heddy said.

Dr. Dudley Burton, professor of environmental studies, said the progress toward a recycling policy has been disappointing.

Recycling is important to some people at Baylor. The environmental studies department recycles everything from glass to coffee grounds, Burton said.

Outside of environmental studies, paper and aluminum are recycled at Baylor.

Sunbright Paper Recycling Inc. picks up recyclable materials from campus every Thursday at several locations, Sunbright secretary Michelle Vasquez said. The majority of the pick-up locations are in Clifton Robinson Tower.

Simons said the change in management at the physical plant has set back recycling efforts. Efforts will not move ahead until the plant operations are reorganized, he said.

'For the program to be successful, there must be a strong commitment from the entire Baylor community,' Simons said.