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Q&A brings campus up-to-date

Oct. 25, 2000



Kathy Hillman is an associate professor and the acquisitions librarian at Baylor. Hillman joined the faculty in 1976, and has become very involved with plans for the new Panhellenic building.

Lariat: Mrs. Hillman, you have been working on the Panhellenic building since 1981, and it looks like the project could get started pretty soon. What needs to be done before construction can begin?

Hillman: Basically, more money. We have well over $2 million, and we have the potential for a naming opportunity donor, which would be about $1.5 million. This is actually a very good deal for having your name put on a building at Baylor. Once that happens, I think the rest of the fund raising will go very quickly.

Lariat: This building is funded solely by donors. Could you explain the fund raising?

Hillman: The fund raising is going very well. Some of the groups began back in 1981 putting money away, and certainly those housing corporations have been able to contribute to the building and have enough so that they can not only do that but will have some funds to do furnishings as well. There are a lot of Greek women who are interested. The parents and grandparents are the ones who are donating to the building.

Lariat: Where will the building be built?

Hillman: It is going to be in the area behind the Harrington House. One consideration [for this location] is safety. Certainly being across from a women's dormitory means it is going to be well patrolled and well lighted, and that will help us with some of our security issues.

Lariat: I understand the Panhellenic building will be tax deductible. Why?

Hillman: The building will belong to the university, and within the building there are three areas that will be used generally by the student population as a whole. So that's one way in which we were able to get tax deductibility. The other is the large amount of service that the sororities give to the university as a whole.

Lariat: An agreement was made with Baylor in 1998 to raise the money in five years. What will happen if the money is not raised in this amount of time?

Hillman: First of all, I think we are going to make that deadline; but secondly, I think we are so far along, and the need is so great considering now that we no longer have a fire code variance on the rooms, that the university would be open to lengthening that time because we really are very close.

Lariat: What would happen to the money that has been donated for the Panhellenic building if it is not built?

Hillman: First of all, we have taken pledges, and the first part of the pledges will begin to be payable at groundbreaking. If you have a five-year pledge or a three-year pledge, it starts at groundbreaking.

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