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Evangelist's daughter makes campus stop

Oct. 24, 2000



Anne Graham Lotz's revivals have no structured program, no introduction and no emcee, exemplifying a complete focus on Jesus. Just Give Me Jesus is not just the title of her book -- it is also the theme of her ministry.

Lotz, evangelist Billy Graham's daughter and a well-known speaker across the world, began her ministry with what she called a 'selfish motivation.'

'I wanted to be a better mother,' Lotz said.

She began the ministry by teaching Bible studies when her children were 5, 10 and 12 months old. Lotz's three children now have all graduated from Baylor and are married. Lotz said she has slowly progressed from Bible studies to speaking before large congregations.

On Monday, she spoke at both sessions of Chapel, at a luncheon and at a reception. Her busy day on the Baylor campus was squeezed in between a trip to San Diego, Calif., and her flight home.

Dr. June Rose Garrott, the international student adviser, said she felt she was 'privileged to hear [Lotz] speak for a second time.'

'I appreciate the vision and the enthusiasm and the heart that she has, not only for the [United States] but for the world,' Garrott said. 'I have a great appreciation for the inclusiveness of her teaching and preaching ministry.'

Lotz has never been to college, and yet she has written novels, traveled the world and preached to millions.

'It is amazing what God can do,' Lotz said.