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Students pick several ways to spend break

Oct. 24, 2000



The inaugural fall break gave a day off to students and faculty before the Thanksgiving holidays for the first time in recent Baylor history. For many students, the break meant an extra day to spend with friends and family; to others, it was just another day without class. All welcomed the well-deserved break, though many hope for a longer one in the future.

'Everything has been so hectic, and my parents felt like I was getting farther away from them, but being able to spend more time with them over fall break kind of smoothed things over,' Alicia Cupstid, a Longview freshman, said.

For some students, the day off was not so much fun. Sarah Dupre, a Nederland freshman, had surgery on her stomach on Friday.

'I wish [fall break] was longer, but I didn't have to miss school for my surgery because of the break.'

Not all students rushed home for the extended weekend.

'I went to Dallas this weekend,' Ashley Gillam, a Longview freshman, said. 'I shopped, saw my cousin, and then some friends came down, and we hung out.'

A first visit home for the semester held more than the normal docket for one freshman.

'I got to vote,' Sarah Chism, a Nacogdoches freshman, said. 'I also visited some old friends at the nursing home I volunteered at for the past two years.'

Chism said she also managed to help raise money in an Alzheimer's walk she participated in along with her local church.

'Our church raised $800,' she added.

The day off also enabled Baylor pride to extend to Nebraska.

'I wish the fall break had been a lot longer, but any excuse to take a road trip is good enough for my friends and I,' Catherine Clarke, a San Antonio sophomore, said.

Clarke said she and her friends were amazed at the Nebraska fans' spirit, and she said she hopes that one day Baylor will have comparable enthusiasm.

Some students stayed at Baylor all weekend.

'I slept, did lots of homework, went bowling, rented movies and hung out with all the other losers who didn't go anywhere,' said Katie Calloway, an Albuquerque, N.M., sophomore.

However, the dorms were practically empty this past weekend.

'There were maybe 20 residents in the building this weekend,' said Penland Residence Hall Director Steve Lilley. 'For the amount of people that left, I think it is pretty obvious that the fall break came at the right time during the semester.'

'I think it came at a good time, but I wish it were longer,' Gillam said.