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Student Congress brings political candidates, campus together

Oct. 24, 2000



Today, during an extended Dr Pepper Hour, Student Congress will be hosting local political candidates and giving them a chance to meet with students on campus.

'I wanted to know about the candidates that I would be voting for in the local elections, then I thought that other students would also want to know,' said Kate McGill, sophomore Student Congress representative from Devine.

From 2 to 4 p.m., the candidates will be in the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center. Student government,Baylor Ambassadors and the office of governmental relations are planning for this to be a non-partisan event including the two main parties and the Libertarian and Green parties.

'Even if a student does not vote in McLennan County, these people will be affecting our lives at Baylor for the next four or five years,' McGill said.

Ramsey Farley and his wife Eva will be attending.

'He feels that students are the basis of our future,' said Debbie Clark, Farley's press secretary. 'He also feels education is very, very important, and he would like to make sure that students are involved in the electoral processes and understand how important it is for each and every person to get the vote out, especially at a young age.'

Clark said Farley is 'going by what our issues are, and hopefully the students [will] agree with the stands on our issues.'

Many of the candidates, including the Libertarian party, are out on the campaign trail, so the local party will be sending a representative.

'From our perspective it is tremendously important, since a lot of people don't know who [the Libertarian Party] is and what we stand for,' said Vince Hanke, chairman of the McLennan County Libertarian Party. 'We are a party of minimal government intervention in our lives. All our policies come from not using force in our daily lives; we believe in defending ourselves but not in initiating force.'

Some candidates state more philosophical views as to why they come to campus to campaign.

Wendall Crunk, county commissioner of precinct 1, said Baylor students are going to be the young leaders of tomorrow. Crunk also said many students don't know what the county commissioner does.

Another candidate mentioning philosophical ideals is Buddy Skeen, the McLennan County tax assessor/collector.

'Students are now beginning to form their own decisions about government because in key positions like a football quarterback, my office is considered a skill position which runs the backbone of the county,' Skeen said.

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