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Letters to the Editor

Oct. 19, 2000

Responsible gun ownership answer to gun-related crimes

This in response to the recent article concerning gun control policy.

The article stated several things that I would like to clarify. First of all, the article said that gun manufacturers should put trigger locks on their guns to prevent kids from accidentally pulling the trigger and killing themselves while playing with guns. The critical issue there is not a lock on a gun but that kids were playing with it. The guns should be placed in a location where they are not accessible. Parents and programs like the NRA's Eddie Eagle program should be used to educate young people on the proper way to handle guns, not devices from the government. Secondly, a reference was made to the fact that background checks and waiting periods do not apply to gun shows and pawn shops.

Having been to both and purchased firearms from both, I can assure you that such checks are done. The waiting period was abolished in favor of an instant check system so that is why there is no waiting period. All dealers in Texas are required to perform a background check unless the purchaser has a concealed carry license because in order to get the license you have to go through the same check and meet criteria beyond the instant check system.

Another fact that needs to be mentioned is that in cases such as Columbine and other shootings the firearms used were stolen. In the majority of non-domestic shootings, the firearm were stolen. If guns were registered and a gun was stolen and used in a crime, the law abiding owner of the gun would then be questioned for something he or she had no control over. Finally, all weapons can be used to kill humans, a single shot hunting rifle can kill just as effectively as a semi-automatic rifle.

No gun has ever committed assault. The individual carrying it may, but not the gun itself. If we truly want to make our society safe from criminals, proper education about firearms, and proper law enforcement is the way to do it, not more laws.

Colin McCaslin

History '01

I am appalled by Dr. McCluskey's statement in the Oct.12 issue of The Lariat about the university's stance on pregnancy outside of marriage. McCluskey stated: 'There was a time when to be pregnant [outside of marriage] would have been wrong ... but with the changing of times and changing of culture we have adjusted our policies accordingly.'

When did we as a university take it upon ourselves to re-write the Bible? Have we become so self righteous as to think we have the right to change God's words around so they adhere to the 'change in times and culture?' Baylor prides itself on being one of the largest private Baptist schools in the world. Frankly, I am embarrassed at the amount of hypocrisy I encounter on this campus on a daily basis. If we are going to 'change with the times,' do we deserve to call ourselves a Christian university? I think not.

It is my understanding that McCluskey believes that ' ... we have a duty within our charter as a private institution to be distinctive.' McCluskey also stated that ' ... if we fail to discriminate based upon our Christian mission, we could endanger our mission as a private non-profit organization.' Baylor might want to reconsider its 'Christian mission.'

We as Christians are continually persecuted for our beliefs, but we are supposed to stand on our faith in God, and not back down in our quest for the all- mighty dollar. What kind of witness are we sharing, and what kind of message are we sending? Could you please send me a copy of this new and 'updated' version of the Bible? Maybe we could also get away with murder and stealing in our effort to 'change with the times.'

Heather R. Brown

Music master's candidate '01

I was happy to read an article about Remember the Titans, but I was bothered by something mentioned within the movie's plot description. Revekah Kim described a summer football camp which took place at the 'fictitious Gettysburg College.' I would just like to let you know that Gettysburg College is, in fact, a real school founded in 1832 and located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I even have a friend who recently graduated from Gettysburg!

Next time, please do a little research, especially when reviewing a movie based on a true story.

Lauren Fitton

Social Work '03