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Empty seats, packed bags signal 1st fall break

Oct. 19, 2000



Attending classes today may seem taboo. With the fall break coming up Friday, many students are leaving town like the citizens of Pompeii, trying to get the most free time out of their fall break.

Last year, student government worked and succeeded on getting students a fall break. Student body President Jon Rolph said student government wanted the break near the day of an away game and not too close to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Some students, however, said they do not believe that one day is enough.

'It's a fall day, not a fall break,' said Amber Dunn, a Longview freshman. 'A break is a week; however, two days would be better, maybe from a Friday to Monday.'

When student government initially discussed a fall break with President Robert B. Sloan Jr., he said no one would be allowed to cut class days out of the schedule.

Of the four Big 12 universities in Texas, Baylor leads the schools in number of class days with 73 a semester. The University of Texas holds 71 class days, and Texas A&M University and Texas Tech both have 70 days.

Rolph said preserving the academic integrity of Baylor was why Sloan did not want to cut class days.

'This one day is a lot shorter than what got tacked on at the beginning of the semester; with what Sloan was saying, I wonder if more days would have been added without a fall break,' Shawn Bagci, a Katy senior, said.

Rolph said Baylor ranked fourth or fifth among the Big 12 schools in number of class days per semester.

'All the other universities have two days, but I think a Thursday and a Friday or a Friday and a Monday would have been better,' Michelle Winter, a Ruston, La., sophomore, said. 'I am thankful about this year as opposed to last year, without a fall break.'

'It's a starting point; enjoy it. We will work from here,' Rolph said.

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