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BGCT leader picked for Truett board post

Oct. 18, 2000



The board of advisers for George W. Truett Theological Seminary elected members for the advisory panel, including the president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Dr. Randall O'Brien, interim dean of Truett, said the BGCT budget proposals played no role in the decision-making process.

'I nominated [Clyde Glazener, president of the BGCT] on the basis of his character as a Christian minister, his years of dedicated service to Baptists,' he said. 'He has been a supporter of Baylor and Truett Seminary.'

Glazener said he had never heard of the advisory panel and was not sure what it did. He said he accepted the position after telling the board that he had several time restraints but would give all the time he could.

Dr. Michael Morgan, assistant dean of Truett Seminary, said he was not surprised that Glazener was unaware of the responsibilities of the position. He said Glazener did not campaign for the job, and it was not a high-profile position, but he is glad Glazener is on the panel.

'It is good to have people who are having conversations with people who are in the know about the direction Texas is having,' Morgan said.

Glazener is one of nine members of the panel that includes people from all over the country of a variety of professions. Each person serves a three-year term. Morgan said the purpose of the board is to communicate with people outside the seminary in a recruiting effort and to discuss changes in the curriculum.