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Defense holds its own in loss to Aggies

Oct. 17, 2000



Despite getting little help from the offense, the young Baylor football defense kept last week's game as close as possible.

Texas A&M University started the game in a daze of confusion as the Bears came out filled with energy and hitting hard.

'Defensively, I'm really proud of those kids,' head Coach Kevin Steele said after the game. 'I thought they fought very, very hard. I thought they played with a reckless abandon. They played with great pride and it was fun to watch the look in their eye up until the point when the last second ticked off and you feel the pain of defeat.'

The Baylor defense did not waste any time to make an impact. The Aggies immediately tried to hammer through the Bears on the ground, but Baylor stood strong and forced A&M to go three-and-out.

In fact, the defense left the A&M offense ineffective and scoreless throughout the first quarter.

'I don't think they crossed our 50-yard line but one time, and that was with about 37 seconds left in the first quarter,' Steele said.

Many were surprised when the Aggies went into the locker room at halftime with only 10 points, and this was accomplished by a Baylor defense that has 12 underclassmen listed in the two-deep roster.

'We had some good young guys play well,' Steele said. 'John Garrett played well. He made some big stops, he made some good tackles and he's extremely quick. I saw him on one play on the 37-yard line come off of a block and close on a guy and it was just instant. You don't coach that. That's athleticism.'

The Bears held the Aggies to just 103 yards rushing on 30 attempts, which is 46 yards below A&M's season average. Baylor also forced A&M to go three-and-out on five separate occasions, including holding the Aggies to minus three total yards on one series.