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Waco-BU relations

Oct. 17, 2000

Students: Waco neighbors have right to peace, quiet

There is no doubt that relations between Baylor and Waco need to be improved. Waco residents believe Baylor students are inconsiderate. Baylor students would like a better place to live in.

With Baylor's ever-increasing enrollment also comes growth in the number of students living off-campus, especially in the residential area south of campus, between Bagby Street and LaSalle Avenue. As the college-age population of this neighborhood increases, and as more apartments are constructed to accommodate them, students must remember that they are no longer living in a student dormitory but in a residential neighborhood.

Many of the original residents of this neighborhood are middle-age to older adults who go to sleep earlier than most college students. Most of these people were here before us college students ever came to Baylor and will be here long after we graduate. They deserve the opportunity for a peaceful, quiet night of sleep. And when there are large, rowdy, noisy parties practically in their backyards, it makes this almost impossible.

Students living in this area need to remember that college-age people are not the only ones living in the neighborhood and should respect the concerns of the other residents.

Also, because many of the families living in this neighborhood could have small children playing around their houses and possibly wandering onto the street, students should be especially cautious when driving in this area. Obey the posted speed limits and stay alert when driving, looking out for small children.

It is inevitable that more apartments will be built and more college students will move into the residential neighborhoods surrounding Baylor as the years go by. Students need to respect the rights of the adults that live in that area by allowing these residents a reasonably peaceful and quiet neighborhood.