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Waterdeep to play at Waco Hall

Oct. 13, 2000

Student business Sensory Blitz brings campus concert


Entertainment Editor

Christian bands Waterdeep and Destination Known will perform 8 p.m. Tuesday in Waco Hall.

The concert is being brought to campus by Student Union and Sensory Blitz - a group of three entrepreneurship students with a goal of bringing entertainment to campus.

'We think there's a real need for entertainment at Baylor,' said Sara Kidwell, a Waco senior and planning and developing partner for Sensory Blitz.

The three members of Sensory Blitz, Kidwell, Young and Poteet junior Matthew Butter formed the group at the beginning of the semester through their business course in venture initiation.

'We have to start our own business, find funds - just like in the real world except we're getting graded on it,' Kidwell said.

Where other groups sell products or services, Sensory Blitz decided to bring Waterdeep and Destination Known in concert.

Waterdeep first came to the forefront of the Christian music scene with the release of their album Sink or Swim in 1997. The band is currently touring to promote their new album, Everyone's Beautiful.

Tuesday's concert is a bit of a change for Waterdeep.

'They've never played on campus before, and normally they don't have opening acts,' Kidwell said.

Waterdeep will share the stage with Destination Known, a band with campus connections. Band leader Blake Bollinger, a Fort Worth sophomore, is a telecommunication major at Baylor.

'It's a miracle Destination Known and Waterdeep are able to perform at the same time,' Butter said.

Young said she was taken aback by Destination Known's talent, which is rarely found in a group so young.

'I was really impressed when I first heard their CD at how musically talented they are for such a young band,' Young said.

Destination Known's first effort, a self-titled album, was released in June 1999. The band has been playing together for a little over a year. Bollinger said the band is currently working on a new album to come out in November.

'It's tentatively titled All of Me. It's a praise and worship CD,' Bollinger said. 'I'm definitely excited about this one.'

Bollinger said he is looking forward to the concert and playing with Waterdeep.

'I've heard great things about Waterdeep. I hope people come out. It will be a great night of music,' he said.

Although the entrepreneurship group's undertaking is the largest to date through the venture initiation course, Young said the members were not intimidated.

'The first time we did best case-worst case scenario, I was really excited. I don't think we were that nervous about it all, we just attacked it,' she said.

Sensory Blitz members had differing responses to what the hardest part of putting the concert together was.

'Getting sponsors. That's probably the hardest thing we've had to do, but it's worked out,' Kidwell said.

Butter and Young agreed that timing was everything.

'Working around all of our schedules was the hardest part,' Butter said.

Though members of the group admit that their personality styles are different, they say their love for music has helped move the project.

'Matt is the eternal optimist, Morgen is a realist. I'm a balance. We complement each other so well. We're coming together as Christians to put on this Christian concert,' Kidwell said.

Young agreed that this appreciation for music was their driving force.

'All three of us really have a passion for Christian music,' Young said.

In addition to ticket sales, Sensory Blitz sold advertisements for the concert program and got businesses to sponsor the event.

Group members would like to work together again.

'I think we're going to try to keep the business going,' Kidwell said.

Young said said she could foresee Sensory Blitz continuing to work together next semester. The group even kept future possibilities alive in the decision to use the name Sensory Blitz.

'Sara came up with the name of the company. We kept the name kind of general in case we want to do something else,' Butter said.

Butter hopes to use this experience again in the future.

'It's [music] my passion. I really want to continue in music production and promotion,' Butter said.

Tickets are on sale at the Bill Daniel Student Center Ticket Office for $8, or tickets can be bought at the door for $10. Call 296-2832 for more information.