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North visit approved

Oct. 13, 2000



Thursday night, Student Congress voted in executive session to pass a bill that will allocate $1,075 from the student life fund to rent the Waco Hippodrome so that Lt. Col. Oliver North can speak to the entire student body.

Once in session, all non-congresspersons were asked to leave, including College Republicans, the group sponsoring the event.

'My question is what do they have to hide,' said Joshua Flynt, national advice chairman for College Republicans.

'It passed for the right reasons,' said Tyson Stuart, off-campus representative. 'Yes, I think it will affect all students, I mean this is very positive publicity for the campus.'

Many College Republicans believed Student Congress should have let this stay in a public forum.

'I think it was inappropriate for Student Congress to go into an executive session,' said Flynt. 'Congress should be an open and fair debate and should have nothing to hide from the student body.'

'I don't think that we ... should be hiding behind procedural duties,' said Cody J. Cazares, at large Student Congress representative and College Republican.