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Spend student fund

Oct. 12, 2000

BU Congress should vote to bring North to campus

At its weekly meeting tonight, Student Congress will vote on whether to allocate $1,075 to the Baylor College Republicans' effort to bring former Reagan administration's National Security Council member, Oliver North, to campus. Student Congress should vote to pass the measure, which would allow more students the opportunity to hear North speak. The funding would make student tickets free.

Student Congress has shown in the past, by allocation of funds for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, it is willing to contribute money from the $12,000 student life fund to offset costs, allowing students the opportunity to attend these events for free or for very low costs. North's appearance would be beneficial to students who hear him speak by exposing them to a high profile, sometimes controversial, players in national politics, and allowing them the chance to hear about his experiences, beliefs and take on current events in our country.

Exposure to a diverse range of past and present leaders of our country is an important part of the college experience. Every possible effort should be taken to maximize the number of students who can take advantage of hearing the message these figures bring, and the best way to do this is to eliminate student ticket costs, as the allocation by Student Congress would do. With a large student life fund, Student Congress certainly has the ability, and the obligation, to increase students' access to North and future speakers at Baylor.