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Tech blanks Bears 28-0

Oct. 10, 2000


Sports writer

How many hits can the Baylor football team take before it goes down for the count? Apparently, quite a few. Texas Tech University delivered a standing 8-count this week, blanking the Bears 28-0 in Lubbock on Saturday.

It looked like a case of musical quarterbacks, as Guy Tomcheck, Kerry Dixon and Michael Odum each took turns as play-caller. None were particularly successful, however. Odum turned in the most passing yards of the three QBs at 110. Tomcheck and Dixon combined for just 38 yards.

But the quarterbacks were not the only players struggling. The Bears failed to convert on four drives that put them within Texas Tech's 25-yard line -- chalk it up to a missed field goal, two interceptions, a denial on downs and no second chances.

Running back Darrell Bush said the the Bears' sloppiness may have been caused by a variety of factors. He said it could have been the weather (a nippy 39 degrees), or the fans (noise carries better in the middle of nowhere), but whatever the reason, Baylor just could not take control.

'We had a lack of attitude; one that wasn't right to win a ball game,' he said. 'They just came out with a better game plan.'

But Bush added that, as usual, the players have moved on.

'We believe in all our players,' he said. 'We have a lot of changes going on, and we're trying to take it one game at a time.'

Head Coach Kevin Steele could not have said it better. From day one of his tenure at Baylor, he has echoed one rationale, win or lose.

'In the rebuilding process, it's hard to absorb major blows,' he said. 'But that's what we're in right now, a rebuilding process. If you do the right things long enough, success will eventually occur.'

But how long will the team and the fans have to wait for that success? Steele didn't say, but he has no reservation that it is coming.

'The process is painful,' he admitted. 'But not in my lowest moment do I doubt that we'll turn this around.'

The Bears are one week into a month that on the surface, appears devastating. They warm up next week with Texas A&M University before traveling to Lincoln, Neb., to take on the No. 1 Huskers.

'We're trying to prepare like each game is our first or our last,' Bush said. 'We have a lot of things right, and it's time to use that.'

But there are quite a few things Baylor doesn't have right now.

Quarterback Greg Cicero, offensive lineman Tyshaun Whitson and wide receiver John Martin are all out, and one more name was added to the list Saturday.

Starting linebacker Anthony Simmons, currently tied for second on the team in tackles, did not travel to Lubbock with the team, and Steele said he will not see playing time against A&M or Nebraska because of disciplinary reasons.