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Letter to the Editor

Oct. 10, 2000

Gore fibs, can't be trusted

U.S. News and World Report and MSNBC have reported that Vice President Al Gore has told several 'mistruths.'

1. Gore told union workers he remembered his mother singing Look for the Union Label to put him to sleep. The song was not written until he was 27.

2. Gore said he co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. But, Gore left Congress before Feingold arrived.

3. Gore on Vietnam: 'I carried my M-16. I pulled my turn on the perimeter at night and walked through the elephant grass, and I was fired upon ... I was shot at ... I spent most of my time in the field.' Actually, Gore was a military journalist under special protection as a senator's son, who occasionally guarded a secure base. His closest army buddy said this was 'the equivalent of being a school-crossing guard.'

4. Gore said in Iowa, 'I lived on a farm ... [my father] taught me how to take up hay all day long in the hot sun and then, after a dinner break, go over and help neighbors take up hay before the rain came and spoiled it on the ground.' Farmer Gore grew up in Washington, D.C., lived in the Fairfax Hotel and attended a private school before entering Harvard.

Gore may have problems writing his memoirs. If Gore has told so many blatant lies, how can we trust him to tell the truth about anything? Furthermore, how dare we entrust him with the presidency when our nation is at stake?

Jennifer Baca

Communication Sciences and Disorders '02 and

Kate Nelson

Political Science '02