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Display stolen from Muslim-related booth

Oct. 10, 2000



Missionaries are usually happy to hand out Bibles, but for several missionaries participating in Missions Emphasis Week, the untimely disappearance of the word of God led them to question how many people in the Baylor family really are familiar with Deuteronomy 5:19: 'Thou shalt not steal.'

'During our lunch program, between 12:20 p.m. and 1:15 p.m., a large, professional table-top display was stolen,' said Rae Wright, associate director of Baptist Student Ministries. 'Some items, pamphlets and a Bible from another display were also taken.'

As a part of Missions Emphasis Week, missionaries from different parts of the world have set up displays in the Bill Daniel Student Center with dolls, jewelry, pottery and written information about their work in different parts of the world.

Wright said the items were taken from displays relating to the Muslim parts of the world. She estimated the display to be valued at several hundred dollars.

'After two decades of Missions Emphasis Week, we've never had anything like this happen,' Wright said.