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Missionaries share experiences with students

Oct. 10, 2000



Missions Emphasis Week (MEW) began Monday and will continue through Wednesday, bringing in 34 missionaries from a variety of backgrounds, including teachers, social workers and Bible translators from all over the world.

Co-director Brittany Rasmussen, a senior from Pensacola, Fla., said she hopes the week will 'educate, evangelize and equip' the student population.

Ralph Boyle, a missionary from Tanzania, said he came to the university because it was a 'great opportunity' to meet students who are interested in missions or would just like to know more about what missionaries do.

The missionaries have set up booths in the Bill Daniel Student Center to give students a chance to talk with them on an individual basis. They will also be giving lectures in more than 80 classrooms on a variety of topics ranging from religion to economics in other countries.

'It's not going to be just 'look at me, I'm a missionary,' 'said co-director Stephen Dove, a junior from Madison, Miss. 'I don't think anyone is coming here with that attitude. It's going to be: 'here's what I do, here's how it can apply to your life, here's how you can apply the skills you are learning in college, here's how it can help you to serve God on the mission field and here's opportunities right now that are on the mission field that you can take up.' '

There are 14 scheduled seminars in the three days as well several other scheduled events.

Although there are scheduled events, Dove said the missionaries will have six to seven hours a day where there is flexibility to meet on a one-on-one basis with students.