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Political figure's venue to hinge on Congress vote

Oct. 10, 2000

Money allocation to determine North's visit



On Thursday, Student Congress will be deciding whether to allocate $1,075 to College Republicans. The money would allow Student Congress to rent the Waco Hippodrome so that Lt. Col. Oliver North would be able to speak to Baylor students on Nov. 16.

The College Republicans wanted to use a place on campus, but all places with seating for more than 250 people were reserved. The organization is requesting that Student Congress pay the rental fees, box office fees and security fees so that the event will be free for students.

By passing this bill, Student Congress would act as co-sponsors of the event.

North was a member of President Reagan's National Security Council and involved in the Iran-Contra affair. He is now a disc jockey on National Public Radio with his conservative show Common Sense Radio from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

'I think it is important for students in leadership positions, especially Student Congress members, to bring in national historical figures such as North,' said Cody J. Cazares, student representative, sponsor of the bill and member of College Republicans.

Cazares said that bringing North to campus is one way Student Congress members would be able to serve their constituents.

'Anybody who is able to meet a historical figure will come out of it with a large amount of knowledge, something you can't get from a history book,' Cazares said.

'This is our [College Republicans] 25th anniversary on campus, and we thought that North would be a great speaker,' said Josh Flynt, president of College Republicans.

Flynt also said that the total cost to bring North to campus would be around $10,000. He said the College Republicans are planning on paying for its part of the expenses through contributions and ticket sales, and that they are only asking the Congress to help defray the costs so students can attend free. Tickets for the community at large would range from $15 on the floor to $10 in the balcony.

Flynt said the College Republicans are hoping for a large community turnout.

Jon Rolph, student body president, said that if an organization puts on an event that is open to the entire student body, then he is usually all for it. But he will be waiting to make his decision after Thursday's Student Congress meeting.