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Don't wait, act now

Oct. 6, 2000

2000-2001 grad hopefuls should check degree plan

Baylor seniors planning to graduate during the 2000-2001 academic year should make sure that they meet the general requirements for their specific degree and for graduation.

Whether graduating this fall or in the spring, students should make sure they have the minimum number of hours required and that they have taken the appropriate classes. Degree audits that show a complete record of which classes have and still need to be taken are available on Baylor's Web site under the 'Student Stuff' section. Or, students might want to set up appointments with their advisers or members oftheir schools' degree offices. Students should also make sure they have filed a graduation card, a notice of intention to graduate, in their respective deans' offices. Failure to do this can delay graduation.

Look in the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog for more details on the specific number of hours required to graduate, required courses and other information pertaining to graduation. Do not wait until the last minute to make sure everything is in place for graduation. Students: do it now and save yourselves from any potential delays in the future.