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Congress may OK improvements for SUB

Oct. 5, 2000



Student Congress will be voting today on a bill that will recommend to the director of the Bill Daniel Student Center some possible areas of improvement.

Student Congress' ideas include allowing Bear Bucks to be accessible to vending machines and renovating first floor restrooms, study areas, and the television lounges. Other improvements include making the Cub similar to other areas and renovating the third floor and basement to create meeting space and storage.

'Students and faculty members made comments encouraging us to include these specific areas,' said Jaimie Grunert, a sophomore Student Congress representative from Cleburne.

Ruben Santos, director of the Bill Daniel Student Center, said these ideas are still in the planning stages, and he said they are gathering information so that the plans can be incorporated into future budgets.

'We are in the conceptual stages -- we are trying to develop a concept of what will best serve the students,' Santos said.

These possible improvements will also include features required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, such as wheelchair ramps and a larger elevator to accommodate wheelchairs, said Dana Lee Haines, assistant director of Student Activities.

'Our effort is to improve our facilities to aid students,' Santos said.

Haines and Santos said that in this future renovation project, the entire building will be targeted, and they said they hope the student center will become more of a gathering place.

'I think it will make [the student center] better and make it a more welcoming experience to Baylor and make our campus shine even more,' Grunert said.

In this initial stage, Santos and Haines have asked student government and the Student Union, a campus group involved in event programming, to provide lists of areas in the building in need of improvement. Santos and Haines said these ideas would be used to make a proposal to student life leadership.

In the future, a general student survey will be taken from those that use the building, enabling Haines and Santos to get ideas of how to improve the student center. Another possibility will be sitting down and discussing with Residence Life about possible

combined uses of the student center.

Santos said he would be attending the Big 12 Union Directors' Conference this weekend to share and gather ideas.

'We want to continue to create an open and inviting area for students because this is the center of campus and our driving force is 'for the students,'' Haines said.