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Officials: Students to pay summer fees

Oct. 5, 2000

Facility use to cost non-enrolled $75



Non-enrolled students who wish to use Baylor facilities during the summer will continue to pay $75 per summer session. The fees allow access to all Baylor services and facilities, including the McLane Student Life Center, the five campus libraries and the Baylor Marina.

In a meeting of members from the budget, legal, student life and recreational sports offices, the idea of reducing or removing the summer session fees was dismissed.

Dr. Eileen Hulme, assistant vice president for student life, said there was 'no sympathy' for students having to pay the fees.

'Benefiting 3,000 students at the expense of 13,000 students is an issue,' Hulme said.

About 3,000 students stay in Waco during the summer.

Should Baylor choose to remove the fee, the entire student body would have free access to the student life center during the summer, Hulme said.

Student government officials said they would continue to fight for students' rights. Matt Burchett, external student vice president, said the fees are seen as exorbitant and unfair.

'If we can't get the fee removed, of course we are going to continue to push for a reduction in the charges during the summer,' Burchett said.

The SLC is not used to full capacity during the fall and spring semesters. Usage drops by an additional 60 percent during the summer months.