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Letters to the Editor

Oct. 3, 2000

'Lariat' unethical in taking pictures at memorial

I didn't realize until recently how desperate The Lariat is for a picture of events happening around campus. Tuesday night I attended the funeral at Waco Hall. It was a wonderful time of remembering the life of someone who everyone there loved and will miss, but always remember.

However, during the service, several photographs were taken of friends and family that participated in the funeral. These people took all the strength they had during this difficult time to share special memories and thoughts about the life of a dear friend. Once they reached the podium and began speaking, several pictures were taken of them. This is very disrespectful for everyone involved. It was very distracting and rude. I hope that if the funeral had taken place in a church that The Lariat would not have been there to take pictures. The Lariat may need to re-evaluate what is actually worth putting in the paper and what is not.

Ashley Dawson

Fashion Merchandising '01

While watching Baylor Sept. 23 in their 28-13 victory over the University of South Florida, I could not help but remember back in the late 1980s and early 1990s when I was a kid watching the Bears. I remember the players, the coaches and just the feeling of loving every minute of every game I saw. But the thing I remember the most about the games was the crowd and the fans. It seems, and maybe rightfully so, that we have lost almost all tradition this once tradition-rich football team has. Baylor used to be a place that nobody would want for an away game. Whether we had a 5-6 team or a 9-2 team, the Baylor football team would play their opponent with all they had every time. The stadiums used to be filled to capacity at almost every game. The fans came early, were loud during the game and stayed until That Good Ol' Baylor Line was over. There was an aura about the games that really made you want to be a part of them.

It is time for us as fans to re-establish that tradition and the aura of football games. Come to the games. Bring you parents, friends and friends' friends. Be loud. Be rowdy. Make it a hostile environment for whomever we play. Establish some tradition here.

Connally McKay

Speech Communications '02

This letter is not to state my position on the Baylor football team's season or to post my thoughts on neo-feminism. My only point is to inform everyone that they are going to the wrong field on Saturdays if they are looking for a winning squad representative of Baylor. The Men's Rugby team defeated Louisiana Tech last Saturday 88-0, extending their season record to 2-0. Also, it keeps alive a home winning streak that spans two and a half years and 15 games. The season opener saw Baylor claim an upset victory over Rice. (Rice has long been viewed as the powerhouse of the southwest.) And this is all coming off of a No. 9 finish in the nation last year with a 14-1 record. The only loss came in the Sweet 16 round to the University of Northern Colorado, who finished No. 2.

I write this not to boast about our accomplishments, but simply to call the attention of the Baylor student body to more than 30 guys who bleed, sweat and sacrifice for an 8- month season, not for free schooling or hopes of future millions, but for love of the game and their school. So on Saturday, Nov. 4, venture on over to the Edgefield Rugby Complex across from the SLC and watch Baylor take on arch-rival SMU, and we will do our best to make it worth your time. One last thing: thanks to the 300 people who took time out of their Parents Weekend to come and support us. We appreciate it.

Matt Lewis

Finance '02